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The best part about scootering is the CULTURE. We all grew up riding scooters and dreaming that a scooter shop even existed. We wanted to meet up at a local shop, see what is new and hot, meet new people and go out and SHRED! This was before scootering blew up and every kid on the corner had a scooter! It wasn't cool to be a scooter rider, which is why it was so cool to us!

As the scooter shop emerged, it became super cool to go hang out at the local shop. It is the center of the scooter scene in your area. Go in, hang out. Even if you don't buy anything, shop owners love having dudes hang out, watch the latest DVD, whatever.

As a scooter rider, you can make your own decisions about who you want to support. We would prefer your supported your local scene. Buying from shops means more local competitions. More opportunities for you to represent your local scene.

If you see any product here that you must have, you can either use our shop search below or you can email us anytime at Tell us what you want and where you live. We will contact your local shop and see if we can get them to get what you need so you'll never have to search very far!

If for some reason you don't have a local shop, let us know and we will point you in the direction of one of our online selling partners! If THEY don't have what you want, don't fear, you can still get it here!

Now get off the computer, go support your local scene, and shred on!!